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The Springerville Town Council consists of 4 council members, a Mayor, and Vice-Mayor (who also is a member of the council), elected from the local residents. Staggered elections are held every two years. The purpose of the Town Council is to determine policy and strategic goals, which are handed down to the Town Manger for implementation.

Council meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of the month at Springerville Town Hall, 418 East Main and begin at 6:00PM. Residents and the general public are welcome to attend. All Council Meetings (with the exception of Executive Sessions) are open to the public.

Information on attending a meeting can be found here
Town Council Agendas can be found here
Town Council Minutes can be found here

Current Council
Mayor: Mary Nedrow
Vice-Mayor: Susie Silva
Council Member: Richard Davis
Council Member: Phelps Wilkins
Council Member: Robert MacKenzie